The days of hourly pay are quickly coming to a close. The night shifts, bar work and unsociable weekend hours will soon be a thing of the past. It’s time to cash in on all those hours of toil in college….Well…kinda.

For the vast majority of you it will not be a straight line to the cool start up, a cashing out at age 25 (for an undisclosed figure) and a life of philanthropy from then on in.

The reality is that most of you are about to swap the hours you used to spend in college, learning, for hours spent in an office, learning and earning. You are about to take the first step onto your Earning/Learning curve. This is, of course, where Cruncher comes in.

Read a little more below for insights insights on the various types of rewards you are likely to see as a trainee accountant. Hopefully these insights will help you figure out a little more about what to expect and how to look beyond just the headline salary numbers to the many other things that really matter.

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