Show me the money: qualified accountant salaries

Money isn’t everything but, of course, it does matter. Your earnings after you qualify as an accountant will definitely be a factor in the choices you make.

The good news is that salaries for newly-qualified accountants are comparatively good in Ireland, ranging from €45,000 to €55,000 in 2016. They are also likely to remain in this range for the next number of years. That’s not bad money at all for three or so years out of college!

Like graduate salaries, you will see fluctuation in newly-qualified accountant salaries depending on location and some other factors. The one constant, however, is that accountants are well-paid when compared with their peers in other professions.

Barden – a specialist accounting, tax and finance recruitment practice – are our ‘go-to guys’ for insights into the careers and salaries of qualified accountants in Ireland.

For the latest salary information for recently-qualified accountants, see the Barden Newly Qualified Earning Curve Guide 2016 here.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in what accountants earn later in their careers have a look at the Barden Accounting & Finance Earning Curve Guide 2016 here.

In summary, if money is important for you, you can’t go far wrong if you train as an accountant. Not only will you earn well, you will likely be more informed than most on how to save and spend it!


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