Becoming an accountant is unlike many other professional paths (for example, becoming a solicitor or a doctor).  All solicitors go to Blackhall and sit the same exam – it is not that straight forward for accountants.  In fact there are several different professional bodies that you can sit exams with in order to become a qualified accountant. Different accountancy bodies, each offering their own professional accountancy qualification, can be a difficult  to get your head around and even more difficult to choose between.

In this series of posts your team in Cruncher have worked long hours by candle light to provide an insight for you into the main accountancy qualifications in Ireland,  to look at the size of the profession in Ireland across each of the qualifications and to examine some of the key factors you should consider before making the final decision about which qualification you will go for.

All of this may seem like adding even more complexity to an already puzzling landscape of firms, specialisms and career paths, but choosing the right qualification can be key for your future career . That is, of course, where Cruncher comes in.  Read a little more below on each qualification and some of things you need to know before you make a call.

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