Excel is really important – we’ve a few tips to help you shine

Excel is the one tool you’re guaranteed to use as a trainee accountant and are likely to use every day of your professional career. That said, it is often overlooked in college (well, on some courses at least). If you’re a whiz at Excel, then great! If not, it will pay to brush up a little so you’ve some of the basics covered – you might even think of doing a quick course if you can.

At Cruncher, we’re not Excel experts. However, we do know one. With the help of Excel Aidan (a recent graduate from financial maths in DCU – profile here), we’ve some links below to a couple of Excel tips he blogged about recently. These tips might just help you get an edge at that interview or give you that little extra oomph when compiling a report for your new boss.

#1 SUMIF (click here)
#2 SUMIFS (click here)
#3 VLOOKUP (click here)
#4 Conditional Formatting (click here)

These blogs are definitely informative, sometimes entertaining and always short and to the point.

Exactly the way Excel tips should be!