What is this “milkrounds” thing all about?

The milkround is an important time of year for graduate recruitment in the accounting profession. Some of you might be really clued in and know exactly what it means but for many (and maybe most!), you might know next to nothing about them and end up just going for the free stuff!

Cruncher has pulled together a quick guide to the milkround for you and tackled some of the FAQs we’ve been asked by graduates over the years.


1. What is the milkround? The milkround is a period when some of Ireland’s largest accountancy firms run their graduate recruitment process to hire graduates for the following year’s intake (or two years’ time if you decide to complete a postgraduate course in accounting or take a gap year). It’s a standardised process governed by Chartered Accountants Ireland, where firms travel to colleges and provide information on their graduate programmes and available positions. Students then complete applications online and go through an interview process.


2. When does it happen? It begins in early September when most of the firms open up their online application processes. These typically close in mid-October with interviews and assessments during late October and November. The process usually finishes in late November when offers are released to successful interviewees.


3. Why is it called the milkround? There are many stories and myths around the name and its origins. The one with the most credibility comes from the idea that all the accounting firms travelling to each of the colleges to promote and advertise their job opportunities was similar to a milkman delivering his goods to each home – hence it became known as the ‘milkround’.


4. Who is it aimed at? As you would expect, the majority of candidates come from accounting, finance and business-related backgrounds. However, there’s an increased focus in recent years on students from non-traditional backgrounds (e.g. STEM) and many firms are very supportive and encouraging of such applications if you have a genuine interest in becoming an accountant and working in the business world. Many of the larger firms also sponsor course fees to complete a postgraduate diploma in accounting before you begin work.


5. Where are the positions? The heart of the milkround is undoubtedly Dublin with the majority of the positions based there and the majority of interviews typically occurring there also. Notwithstanding this, there are a sizeable number of positions available in regional offices (e.g. Belfast, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford etc., depending on each firm) across various areas which does provide choice to students who want to live outside Dublin. Students should research each firm and their regional locations, and enquire during the various career fairs and firm presentations about regional opportunities.


6. How can I get started? You’ve come to the right place! Cruncher is here to help you all the way through the milkround process. Each firm has a dedicated graduate recruitment site with their brochure, promotional information and application details. These typically open in mid-September. Firms attend colleges during September/October and most colleges will also have career fairs where you can go and talk to various firms and their employees about their graduate recruitment. Talk to various people and, of course, make good use of Cruncher! Once you’ve done your research, you should set up your relevant online applications (usernames, passwords etc.) and get filing!


Cruncher has a lot of blog posts to help you with the milkround process – have a look around for the advice and guidance you need to make an informed choice.

Ed Heffernan

Ed's experience spans over 15 years with local and global names. A subject matter expert in, and advocate of, accounting careers.

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